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What is data annotation?

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These are all examples of artificial intelligence at work that you may know about! What powers these AI models? Data. Specifically, labeled data that teaches the model what it needs to know. Data annotation, or the process of tagging the data used as input into the model, is the foundation of machine learning. Few online courses teach this process, yet data annotation is accessible and a fundamental step in many AI companies.


Our course! We will teach you how to use Label Studio, an open source data tagging
tool used by many companies in the industry.



Our course relies on microlearning to ensure you thoroughly understand the fundamentals and significance of data annotation before embarking on projects in Label Studio. After observing numerous examples, completing projects and watching videos put together by our team, you will step away from the course as a skilled data tagger.
What we teach will serve as a starting point for future skills in technology and AI. Data annotation is the foundation for machine learning, yet we offer one of the few existing courses that teach the essential skills to tag data. By helping you master data annotation skills, we empower you and bridge the path to future opportunities in technology.
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