We understand you. Data annotation is the basis of AI models, yet few online
courses teach this process thoroughly. As a result, many potential employees lose out on the
opportunity to learn these skills and apply them to work in your company. Nonetheless, data a
nnotation is an accessible process that students will learn with solid training.
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Our course begins with the fundamentals of data annotation and software installation and builds up to advanced techniques in Label Studio. Students who successfully complete our course will graduate with a certificate and ample experience conducting projects in Label Studio with a variety of data types.
You are also welcome to train your current employees using our courses. Under your guidance and criteria, we will create courses that train employees inskills essential to your workplace and your company's goals. Each of your data annotators will receive a detailed training schedule. Please contact us for an example course!
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Today is your day. If you want to learn data annotation, join our free course now! If your company wants to hire skilled data taggers, please contact us.
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