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As renowned leader Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

It is through education that we hope to influence the next generation of students in technology. As leaders in our school’s Robotics and Future Problem Solving Clubs, we actively seek solutions to issues in the world around us to ultimately create positive change in our community. Ample experience with programming, scientific research, and critical thinking and the drive to create positive change empowers us to work hard to serve our customers: both students and companies.

Today, artificial intelligence is expanding the realm of the possible. Whether it's Optimus, the AI-powered robot from Tesla, or ChatGPT, the chatbot from OpenAI, it's clear that AI will dominate our future. However, AI starts with data models, and building data models requires high-quality tagged data. This has led to a demand for trained data taggers, or people manually labeling the data.

Here’s where we come in. Our mission is to expand the outreach of advanced educational opportunities by creating and delivering courses on data annotation, the foundation of powerful programs in AI. With structured lessons and training, students will develop competence and acquire jobs in the industry. We dedicate numerous hours a week to research and course development to bring you the best solutions possible.

Students, your training starts with our accessible introductory course that will teach you the foundations of data annotation and how to get started with this journey. Future courses will take you in-depth into the various types of data tagging. We plan to launch our first course in the month of February and to release advanced courses afterward.

Companies, find the next candidates for your employees and train your current data taggers with our program. Tell us your needs: our dedicated and skilled team will design and create courses tailored to the goals and functions of your company. Stay tuned for sample courses!

With everything we plan to achieve, we’re not in this alone. We’re excited to announce that we’re recruiting content creators, to shed light on the diverse technological innovations of today and promote our business, and instructional designers, to build our data annotation curriculum from the foundation. If you’re interested at all in joining our team, please reach out to us. Welcome to EduNATION!

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